Saturday, February 5, 2011

A community comes together to bury a beloved neighbor

Story by Alan Johnson

When Betty Lou Davis died Jan. 29, her sons had no money to pay for a funeral - not even for a coffin to bury her in.
But Davis, 79, faithful churchgoer in her Athens County community, often told her two boys, "You should trust in the Lord. He will always find a way to get things done."
Turns out she was right.
Thanks to family and friends Davis had a proper funeral yesterday in 106-year-old White’s Chapel Wesleyan Church where she attended. She was laid to rest in a handsome, handmade casket of aged poplar lined with purple cloth and was lowered into a grave dug by her friends and neighbors.

Images by Courtney Hergesheimer

Betty's two sons and sister say their last goodbyes.

Betty's son is comforted by a neighbor.

Neighbors and friends carry Betty's homemade coffin to the grave they dug for her the day before.