Sunday, September 13, 2009

AUGUST IS GONE - mourning lost moments

A week ago today Juan and I came home from a gathering and Osa ran up to the car, this is normal except that I had put her inside right before we had left. Juan asked what cat I had put inside and we hurried up to the door thinking that I might have let a stray cat into the house. He opened the door.

First we focused on the spot where the TV should have been, and then where our laptops should have been. We were robbed! We walked into the bedroom to find the contents of our drawers on the floor and I let out a cry when I saw my backpack and saw where my new camera should have been, and another cry when I realized my external hard drive was gone. I was nauseous for three days.

We have insurance and everything is replaceable, but the external hard drive had the entire month of August on it that wasn't backed up, including a week of visiting with my family in Portland. That is why I was nauseous. It's been a week and I still can't get over the loss of all those images, I do feel like I am in mourning. You cant reproduce moments, they happen in an instant and thats it. That moment in time is gone.

Luckily I had left my CF cards at work and was able to do a disk rescue on them and get some of the family pictures back, but August is gone.


Taylor Hayden said...

omg!!! Just reading this made me feel sick to my stomach...what a horrible, horrible thing :( I'm glad you had insurance but I know what you mean about images being irreplaceable. Just glad you guys are okay!!

Pegg said...

I of course knew already about your missing items since I live close by. I want to comment on your wonderful family photos. What a wonderful group and what great photos! You are so lucky to have such a great family and the artistic skill to take these wonderful pictures! Peggy